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Which service do you need?

EMH’s expertise covers human resources, engineering, shipbuilding, building maintenance, construction consulting, and oil and gas; we offer our services domestically and internationally. We pride ourselves on our highly competent technical staff, and will help our clients achieve their business objectives and goals.



EMH workers are qualified, experienced, and boast strong work ethics. We are committed to workplace safety, quality results and client-tailored services.


The company's basics are safety and quality. The high quality of the company brings your company sales and reduces its poor performance, giving customers confidence and keeping them on track. It is an important management of the company that prevents defective products in advance and ensures stable quality at all times.


We have all the best people in the EMH that are needed to build ships. They have at least 15 years of experience and have built almost every ship. They are professional directors and internationally recognized directors. They have many other experiences besides the INPEX ordered in Australia.


Building and maintaining a building/structure has many implications for extending their lifespan, preventing accidents and ensuring safety in advance.


From design review to commissioning, EMH works with professional companies and can solve any problem. In particular, if you want special materials and ship construction information, you can consult with us at any time.


EMH partner company COENS is working with a UK renewable energy company to expand its business in and out of the country.